Our Promise Of Service

Find confidence in our promise of service.

At MISG, you at the heart of all we do. that is why we go above and beyond to deliver excellent service to you form our heart.

We are insurance profesionals and people who sincerelny care, and we are here to help you in an easy, efficient, and fair way.

So, you can put your heart into what really matters to you and have the confidence to do more and more.

Tell us how we served you well, or how we could serve you better!

If we wowed you with our service, tell us about it.
If our service did not meet you needs, tell us about it too.

We have sound feedback management process in place, and you can feel assured that all your feedback is treated with the greatest confidentiality and commitment towards a statisfactory resolution.

Our Head of Business Excellence, Mrs. Atis Marupi and her team are dedicated to looking into your feedback and bringing your issue to a satisfactory conclusion.

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Email. feedback@id.msig-asia.com