MSIG Travel Insurance

Bring you a more convenient travelling by giving you protection against any bad things which might be happened anywhere and at any time.

The insurer indemnifies the insured in the manner and to the extent hereinafter provided for :

1. Personal Accident.
2. Medical Expenses.
3. Inconveniences during Travel.
4. Additional Coverages.


This product is available for World Wide or Asia Pacific travel destinations.


Personal Accident

Medical Expenses
Medical Expenses by accident
Medical Expenses by sickness
Emergency medical evacuation & Repatriation
Repatriation of mortal remains
Compassionate visit
Child guard

Inconveniences during Travel
Lost of baggage
Lost of documents & passport
Lost of money & personal possesion
Delay baggage
Travel cancellation
Travel curtailment
Flight delay
Extra re-routing cost / Replacement ticket due to flight delay
Emergency travel expense

Additional Cover
Personal liability
Content of unattended house

General Exclusions

  • All pre-existing conditions.
  • Racing, or participating in sport for professional capacity or the Insured will get payment from such sport activity.
  • Suicide or deliberate self-injury.
  • Loss caused by war, revolution and rebellion.
  • Medical check/treatment.
  • All conditions due to pregnancy, baby-born, treatment pre/post pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion and all genital diseases.